Bhutan is the same size as Switzerland but with only 700´000 people. There is only one winding road from West to East with little traffic. The journey is rich in variety. The drive goes across high passes with beautiful views of the Bhutanese Himalaya, through dense forests, along rivers and in lower areas along paddy fields. Most of the Bhutanes people´s income derives from agriculture. The dress of the people is very traditional, colourful and unique. The Dzongs (huge monasteries), which are seen in every valley, are stunning. The famous "Tigernest" monastery high up on a cliff will leave you speechless and in awe.


Explore Bhutan with us and find out for yourself what is truly an unique and magnificent experience.


Thanks to my long career as a tour guide and my month-long stays in the Himalayan region, I know country and culture well. I´m looking forward to organizing your individual dream journey and travelling with you.

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